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1:Sorry, bad review warning. 🙁 Im little fussy about Chinese food and tend to judge a lot Chinese restaurant by my favourite dish which I’ve had many in many times around the world. Crispy chilly beef, it’s a fairly simple dish. The Woo Lot version I had was terrible it was dry there was no sauce, it was overcooked and the beef was chewy and unedible. I ended up throwing it away after a few tries.

2:We ordered food from Woo Lot this evening for delivery over £20 worth. The Special house curry was nice but eating the dry spare ribs we discovered that it wasn’t cooked properly. The joint was raw and pink. So decided to phone them to let them know. I was shocked at the response. A man answered and said, ‘next time when you order spare ribs, ask for it to be cooked properly’. I said to him that I shouldn’t have to say that, because I’ve ordered food from them before and it was fine but today’s wasn’t properly cooked. He further said, there’re very busy and there was nothing he could do. I said you need to deliver a properly cooked portion of same thing. He replied and said if I didn’t like it, I should bring it back to the restaurant and they’ll change it or I should buy food somewhere else if I didn’t like the food. I called again to speak with someone and this time a woman answered and said the same thing but she did apologise and said I should bring it back. My answer to that was if I was able to come out I would have had the food picked up and not ordered for delivery. I was really surprised at their answer and behaviour. It’s a shame that in London Community a business like Woo Lot has ZERO public relations. I may be one customer but they have lost my custom. See photos attached.

3:Food is fairly nice, however, the service isn’t great. They staff act as if they are being forced to serve cutomers. They need to look around and realise they would not have a bussiness without customers!! Typical!!

4:Extremely nice staff, the food always on point. Very good and well prepared.

5:The food is excellent, the waiter never as accommodating as I would appreciate but that’s probably my age showing, food is first class for Leyton, absolutely love it, and visit when I’m able to,clean restaurant, open kitchen, really good, love the chicken balls


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