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1:I went there this morning for breakfast with a friend and it was absolutely lovely. Customer Service is great the place is clean, calm quiet. Such a lovely atmosphere. Very well maintained and even the toilets were presentable,hygienic and clean. We ordered Two large English breakfasts! Shame they did not come with hot drinks however the prices were reasonable. The hot drinks we ordered were Refillable so that was a nice surprise. Only issue is it’s not an all day breakfast as it finished about 11am However there is an extensive Menu, from Vegetarian to Vegan so…you are spoilt for choice. The place is very organised and discreet. CANT FAULT IT! I would highly recommend it and will definitely be back! Thank you The Barking Dog-Wetherspoons

2:Located in Barking, the pub isn’t in the best area but that doesn’t take away the shine from the place, it has a lovely atmosphere and staff are incredibly friendly. Like all spoons, food and drinks are cheap and it seems you’re more than welcome to smoke outside so long as you remain away from the front doors. An added bonus is that it is right next to the station, so it’s very helpful if you’ve just finished work in the city and want to get of the train for a quick pint or meal. There are often tables free during the week, however, on Fridays and Saturdays you will find it difficult to find a table, on Saturdays I’d recommend getting there around noon as it tends to get busy around 1pm-2pm.

3:I often drink and get drunk 🤣 The atmosphere in the shop is fine.

4:We came for a drink and food. The staff were alright but did forget a few sides at which point we had finished eating and no point in having them anymore. Food was okay, as expected from a Weatherspoons. 3/5 is the standard for any of the pubs. Value for money remains as 5/5

5:Lovely selection of beers, had to have something with that lot!!! The food as in all these places was up to scratch! Cheers!

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