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1:I’ve been coming to spice hut for a very long time and have tried most of your branches out and can I say Spice Hut Gants Hill had given me numerous amount of terrible customer service. Very rude and blunt the colleagues that work there especially the person with the glasses which stays on the till doesn’t even know how to treat it’s customers. All the other branches I’ve never got this grief and I’m very appalled by his behaviour. They don’t let us use the sauces they try and push me and my wife out the shop all the time. I went at 11:20pm to buy food for my siblings and this colleague which looks like the head manager refused to sell me two wings and chips. Shocking I’ve always bought this small meal from young. His excuse was it’s to late we don’t sell kid meals at this time? A PFC shop that doesn’t for real I am shocked. Please do talk to the colleagues from Gants Hill as this isn’t right. Some stingy beani bazari geezer just because he wants to get rid of his tiny cold wings! Make the effort and go elsewhere don’t bother going unless you want to be treated unfairly and if you want a belly ache 🤕

2:Very nice food. Spicy lamb donner and fire chilli sauce. Service could do with some tweaking. Ordered food for delivery and food was missing! But they did rectify and send few extra bits. They have quite few branches in east London so it’s hit and miss but the Gantshill shop is doing well in my opinion

3:For the price this place is great however there are certain go to dishes and dishes to avoid. If you are eating here the kebab and the biryani with curry are brilliant. The fried chicken menu in terms of quality isn’t great with only the wings being decent. Fast food with fast food prices so can’t complain too much. Now to address a few issues, the spice and Naga is not hot enough, when you ask for very hot on the kebab sometimes they don’t add any chilli or Naga but just pour more sauce over the top which is cheating the customer. The staff member with the glasses is definitely rude and for some reason gets in a mood when you ask for sauce this needs to change as he is not hospitable at all and should not be front of house so to speak. All in all the kebab and curry biryani dishes are great and for the price are worth it. Fried chicken not fresh or flavourful and barring the 1 member of staff the rest are usually nice.

4:Absolutely poor customer service! The guy in glasses is so rude with no manners what so ever! Probably one of the worst spicehut shops ive ever come across. Not to mention their food is 2/5 ratings. STAY AWAY GUYS

5:Best tasting lamb doner, chips and two wings. The lamb doner is well marinated and you are asked how spicy you want the meat.

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