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1:Great authentic Pakistani food made with love. You will get your value for money here. Tasty food with ample quantity at a very reasonable price in the heart of Ilford. This is the closest you can get to street food in Pakistan. The chapli kebabs are the best in town! Highly recommended for those seeking comfort food, or a teleportation portal to Pakistan!

2:I loved the taste of the chicken gravies I ordered specially chicken kadai. Every time I visit Ilford lane I go for lunch there. Their samosa chaat is also awesome. I would recommend to all Indian and Pakistani cuisines lovers

3:I recently started buying on weekends and we loved their food. So far we tried chapli kebab and chana are our favourites food. These are economical and worthy for the price and taste. It would be good to go there in morning times to avoid crowd. It is our responsibility as an individual to keep wearing mask and have a social distance all the times and follow Gov guidelines to keep ourselves and other safe

4:I have visited there twice. Food was nice but there is an old man on the outside counter is very rude and now second time on my visit, I have seen him making bread. Even there he is behaving like he is doing any favour, doesn’t know how to behave with customers.

5:Appetising South Asian savouries BUT experienced very rude and inappropriate behaviour from the elderly man at the front counter when I merely attempted to place an order. He greeted me with a hostile face and completely ignored me as if I was going to diminish his food supply without paying. When reported to management, I was not even offered an apology! There is way too much competition on Ilford lane for you to take customers for granted. Sort out your appalling customer service and poor management! I will not be coming back here.

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