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1:Great flavours and big portions! The “skepasti” with chicken gyros was well prepared, rich in flavour, comes wit french fries with cheese. 9/10 On the other hand, the lamp chops was a bit dry to my taste, not as good as Turkish restaurants. Visit again? Definitely YES

2:Food was delicious, staff super friendly, portions huge! My friend who’s birthday is was ordered in Greek, which is always a good sign.

3:Very friendly, staff amazing food, quick service! I cant wait to eat here again! 🥰

4:Worst wrap I had in a while. Only the pita was fine, but the lamb meat was very hard to chew and had a big cartilage among the pieces, the fries really were only there to create volume, but were all super greasy and not crispy. There was a big piece of tasteless tomato, probably to create volume together with the fries.

5:Very tasty Greek pita gyros! One of the best we tried in London.. Good customer service. Well done! Thank you

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