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1:Absolute dump of a place. Went there about 3 weeks ago and asked for some tap water. Lady said she won’t give water to freecomers if they don’t order anything and they don’t have tap water. Alright, ordered some fish and chips and a tea, lady said we don’t have tea. Why put it on the menu outside of you don’t have it you tosser. The food that arrived was gross, cod tasted like it had been in the freezer for nine months and chips were soggy as hell. Even the coffee wasn’t hot. I got up and said I won’t have this gross munch, the lady said she didn’t care and started rambling about money. The total came up to about £30 (£30 for some fish and chips and a coffee, seems very logical!). I took the much and chucked it on her counter and left without hesitation as a normal person would. Please don’t go there unless you want some kind of disease or something, go to a Tesco instead.

2:I visited this god forsaken awful place, the woman behind the counter was completely rude, the price of the food was bloody rediculously overpriced, £4.50 for a slice of brown toast. When I said I didn’t want the toast or fryed tomatoes she went into a uncontrollable melt down and told me to leave and go somewhere else. Don’t ever go there.

3:Went here for lunch with my partner and 3 friends… Due to my old age, I am aware I need glasses, so when I read the menu and seen their Steak & Kidney pie was £12.45, I immediately called Specsavers to book an appointment post haste!!!…. I foolishly assumed the pie was actually £2.45 and my eyes were playing tricks on me!!! Oh how I laughed!!! Well, let me tell you, the smile was soon wiped off my face upon ordering said pie, as I was told it was ACTUALLY £15!!!…. FIFTEEN QUID for a wee steak n kidney pie??? I dread to think how much it would have been for all of us to get lunch there!!!… I asked the woman if I was getting a full cow for that price… Only for her to tell me to ‘get out and find somewhere else!’… Which I did!! For the same amount, I got a return flight to Benidorm and we spent a fortnight all inclusive!!! Oh aye and just a wee side note… I’ve got my new glasses and I’m thinking of going back to this so called restaurant, giving them to the cheeky bint behind the counter so she can look in a mirror and see how much of a C word she is!!!!

4:Enjoyed my experience here. Food was great, service was spot on. Price was abit steep and slightly dated decor but it’s London. I been to far worse places.

5:Honestly a rancid place. It smells like frying oil and a literal sickening smell that I cant describe. I could not wait to get out of there despite the fact I just spent £30 on a meal and coffee. This place is extremely unhygienic and overpriced. How is this place not shut down??

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