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1 : We have enjoyed our time here and got a good service.

2 : A gem of a place….. My local coffee shop and family run eatery on Brent Street Hendon, for me for nearly 20 years. The coffee ☕ and the curry 🥘 – Chef Ramesh’s signature – is a great lunch combo ahead of a long afternoon’s work…. Orli the founder/owner is still present with a warm welcome…. Very family-friendly, highly recommended

3 : Good, dependable food. If you need food that you know will be tasty, this is your spot. Oh, and if you go there after Shacharis, you’ll probably bump into one of the more well-known London Rabbis having a breakfast meeting

4 : Lovely staff, nice food.Overall good experience…

5 : Seriously i ve never seen so much fast service without sacrificing the quality.Spotless place, great coffee and friendly atmosphere.
Giampiero, Irene and Federica

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