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1:It is the second time we visited this place. The first time the navigation took us from the front side and the parking was just beside the little park, which was free for the whole day. Second time it took us from other side and the parking there was unclear with marking saying 2 hours free, beware there are only few spaces marking up 2 hours free, the rest spaces are only for seasonal ticket holders. The Farm is quite big and for a free entertainment it does the great job! There were some horses that we petted and fed last time. There are also some pigs, lamas, sheep, ducks and geese of course :), a pony, couple of rabbits, chicken, hamster and a hawk I think. Thats all I remember. You can also purchase fresh eggs, cant remember the price but it is quite reasonable. As I mentioned earlier there is also a little place to play inside and a bigger parks outside. All in all enjoyable day can be spent here!

2:Wonderful little farm with a small selection of animals. We’ve gone there several times over the years with the kids. Nice memories. Perhaps time to make new ones again

3:Small farm, looks ok. Can spend around an hour there. It seems to be better at summer. Children have small playground and tables can be used to have your own lunch. A bit messy around, some displays look old, but still, my child was interested.

4:Came here for the first time recently with the family. Getting here is pretty simple, bus route 376/300, DLR (Royal Albert) and car of course. It’s what you expect from a farm, but not in a bad way, Only thing that would be a drawback was that the canteen wasn’t open for the public so we couldn’t getting any refreshments. Until further notice, bring your own for now. All in all, was good experience.

5:Very nice farm with helpful staff. Perfect for toddlers, kids, adults and people with special needs. Only criticism is that they need to sort the toilets out as they’re not so clean.

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