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1 :  I’ve been trying different barbers since i moved back to south London. Finally – found a barbershop and barber that takes his time and gives the precision that only a really qualified barber can do. London has too many cowboy barbershops. I really recommend this place. I’ll definitely be back in 3-4 weeks and hope i get Yasid again!

2 : Great service and quality cut! They usually have 3-4 barbers working so the wait isn’t too long. For central london area, the cuts are reasonably priced. Ive been going for 3 years and would recommend! 🙂

3 : Generally good staff and shop. I got unlucky with the guy cutting my hair. I have a health condition which was coming in the way of him cutting my hair, and he commented on it very rudely. Here’s a short description of him: Cuts hair with one wireless earphone in his ear, wears a tag on his pants that exempts him from wearing a mask and has a beard.

4 : Avoid the new guy with the beard at all costs, got a trim here last week and he didn’t do what I ask for, was unfriendly and is very aggressive with the clippers. A shame as I’ve had a very good experience here otherwise.

5 : Exceptionally good service, very friendly, extremely thorough and professional. Best barber shop I’ve ever used. Have been going to them for years. Highly recommended.

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