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1:One of the finest dishes (Sri Lankan ) meals worth it and delicious and perfect service very well all over my last visit full filled my day !

2:My girlfriend is Tamil, so she wanted to bring me to a proper authentic Sri Lanka Tamil restaurant and Gana did not disappoint. I had a selection of foods I’ve never had before and I can’t wait to have them again! Three veg currys and one chicken curry, I can’t pick a favourite, they were all so good and different to anything I’ve ever had. Then instead of rice we had string hoppers which worked so well with the curry. The Sri Lankan beer was great too. The value at the end was amazing, had to check the bill twice, so so cheap.

3:Took a friend to Gana and it was our first time but the food was very tasty and quality. One of the best asian foods we’ve eaten. The restaurant was very neat and tidy. The customer service was exceptional as well. Get’s busy usually due to the demand. Very well kept.

4:Authentic Sri Lankan/Tamil restaurant. Wide variety of dishes, especially those who like spicy fare. I had their special biriyani and mutton kothu poratta (recommended!), and they were very tasty and felt authentic. The portions are very generous, it is great value for money. The service was prompt as well.

5:One of the best Sri Lankan and South Indian restaurants in London. Has a very nice atmosphere with great music. The staff are extremely friendly and the food is perfectly priced and arrives fast. They have lots of seating with child friendly seating options too. Would highly recommend.

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