Galicja Restaurant West Ealing

Galicja Restaurant West Ealing
Galicja Restaurant West Ealing

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1 : Great place for lunch, dinner, for family meeting with an option for kids (which is half dish – half price). They also do different sorts of events which includes professional service and live music. Food is just amazing! Everything is made from scratch and portions are just as big. Worth of adding that staff is super friendly and professional too! Recommending 100%

2 : Food was good but overpriced for the value. When we entered the restaurant, the staff were singing/rehearsing for an event. It was unbearably loud and felt like you are having dinner at a nightclub. No one else was in the restaurant but they didn’t stop singing when we came in and ordered. Very unprofessional. The meat and steak were nice but the sides were not up to standard.

3 : Excellent service, tasty dishes and home atmosphere! I would recommend everyone to visit this lovely restaurant! Thank you Chef,! We have had an enjoyable lunch time on the 07.01.2022

4 : Excellent standard in both food and service. Wine & whisky selection is very good. We can heartily recommend them to anyone who loves European food.

5 : This place is just amazing. Michelin star food for great prices. Definitely coming back – staff great, food truly awesome! Puts Soanes kitchen to shame as charges same prices and food is at least twice as good.

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