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1: I always come here with my son to have a haircut and don’t have any problems with them. The shop is clean with friendly barbers. I Highly recommend this place.

2: I’ve been there twice before for a shave and for the price it was worth it the treatment you get. Today was the third time and I got a haircut and shave because my normal barber was not open today. The shave and haircut is more than I usually pay but I’m impressed with the outcome and the treatment is 5*.

3: Hello guys, I was ,, friends barber,, in barking today I do not recomend, this place. One barber start to cut my hair and i see, he do not how to do, after another barber come to help to fix mistakes. I had before long hair, but after this barber my head look… like buzzcut. I feel upset. Guys do not do mistake with this barber

4: Staff was very rude! It was not busy what so ever and when I went to get a haircut the guy tried to pass me along to the less experienced barber at the last chair while he LAID down in the couch, I requested for him to cut it and he simply replied “its same” I just walked out of there. NOT WORTH IT.

5: They don’t deserve any star. The staff are very rude and they don’t show any manners to the customers.They only serve their friends and refuse to provide service to other customers, hence the name ‘Friend’s Barber.’ I recommend you not to waste your time here and somewhere else.

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