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1:The food is soooo delicious and the service is always fantastic! Everything is ready within minutes and the prices are amazing! Love going there after a night out in Greenwich.

2:Lovely food with great customer service.Owner is very friendly.Nice quiet cozy place to have lunch dinner.

3:Solid choice for Mediterranean food in Greenwich. Big portions, lots of flavour. It won’t disappoint. We massively over-ordered. Would recommend 1 or 2 mezze max to start. One star knocked off for waiting until the next ice age appears for the bill.

4:Sadly we came into this restaurant as a family, customer service from both manager and young girl there was very poor, no customer services. Very bad attitude. Rude. When you talk she walks off as your speaking, Would avoid as we didn’t feel welcomed. Worst Turkish restaurant we been too. If you could rank a Turkish restaurant in your life and we have been to many, I would rank it not even worthy to be on the list. Not very advertising. Will definitely not be back. Meze tasteless, can tell they served from tub from the fridge, no effort. It was very quiet even our drinks took a while to come out. Very arrogant place sadly

5:Food was really bad here. The red cabbage in the salad had gone off. The food was poorly prepared, with a distinct lack of flavour. The lamb ribs were poor quality, very fatty and only salt sprinkled on top right at the end. The bulgur rice was soft mushy and soggy and not fresh. The drinks which were £1.95 are poured out of a large bottle into a small glass. You do not even get a can of coke.
Was not even asked how the food was even though telling them the cabbage was off, there was no apology or acknowledgement of any sort. Exited the place swiftly thankful for not getting any tummy upset.
The place was really quiet which shouldve been a red flag along with the coke poured our of a 1.5ltr bottle.. Been to many turkish places but none as bad as this place.


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