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1:Most delicious Greek food restaurant I’ve ever been to. The chicken kebab is insanely most and juicy. Love all the specials too – dolmades and afgolemono soup. Just pure heaven! Helped by attentive staff and comfortable seats/tables.

2:Great service and tasty meal. Plenty of salad and chips. Wonderful Greek hospitality.

3:Great food , big portions ,great prices and very accommodating professional staff

4:There is no question that the food here is prepared and served exceptionally well but I just had a very disappointing experience in order to try and book a table with the lady over the phone. First I was told they had no tables but then if I came early enough I could get a table for my friend and I. Then I was told “no you cant come because Meze takes too long.” Okay, so then I requested that we could order mixed kebabs at the table which was acceptable, then told 30 seconds later no kebabs take too long as they need the table for 7pm. 1hr to cook kebabs? sure if you need to slaughter the animal on site I can understand the timeframe. I understand this restaurant is highly desirable on a Saturday night but don’t tell a customer that he can have a table if they eat something that is quick to make and then back-pedal and tell them they cant have the table. Just tell the customer “We are not taking any more bookings for tonight, may we book another night for you and your friend to come and see us?” instead of opening a negotiation with the customer. Am I expecting too much or is that service only reserved for central London restaurants? Like I say, great food but book a table in advance to avoid the grief I have just had to endure over the phone!

5:Food was delicious. Staff were very friendly. Atmosphere was nice. Will be going again for sure! Meze was an unnecessary amount of food, sure to get you filled up (no complaints there) you should leave very satisfied!

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