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1 : Terrible ….. Will never use again … I went in for a perm service on the Tuesday night and got advised not to wash my hair until 48 hours after …. went out and bought all the products I needed and by the time Friday came around I was so happy I could finally wash my hair….everything seemed to be going great until the moment I washed it …. the whole perm fell out … this being a perm that was meant to last at least 3 months ….rung and asked for refund or to talk to manager couldn’t get either …. be warned if you are having more than a cut ….less than a star rating from me 😤😡🤬

2 : Walked in lady was lovely when it became my turn the guy just looked straight past me and asked the lady that had just come in what she wanted and proceeds with her dispite the lady saying I was 1st, but no again looked past me. And insisted that she was, totally rude, never again would. I go there, yes I got up and walked out

3 : Very good cut from Kay Didn’t have to wait long Good price

4 : If I could rate 0 stars I would, they are supposed to be trained? They can’t even cut hair! It wasn’t straight all it is they are a bunch of unprofessional and untrained children dealing with hair! I wouldn’t go again if you paid me!

5 : I normally don’t Do any feedback but there is a lady who work in the shop is very rude she don’t know how to talk to the customers whenever you explain That’s how you want to do your hair she just staring at you in a very bad way and making you very uncomfortable the worst experience ever

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