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1:Lovely pie ‘n’ mash shop, plenty of friendly staff serving, seating for about 30 people in a cafe style and very clean. Food was excellent and very well priced! Mash portion was amazing single portion here was like a double everywhere I have been food was very nicely cooked, if you like chilli 🌶 vinegar try their “Turbo Vinegar” it was amazing, highly recommended. I will definitely be eating here again. Thanks Brook’s

2:Visited today first time and I instantly loved it, veggie pie, mash, liquor, all delicious, portion was massive, I can’t wait to visit you again soon!

3:I must say being a Lady from BOW E3 East London Roman Road Market was the place to be & it was VERY well known for KELLYS PIE & MASH Shop I Never Thought I’d find another one in my life to be as nice as KELLYS BUT THIS is @ 5 ***** stars If you love PIE & MASHf This is the perfect place to EAT Go and see.

4:Best pie and mash I have ever tried!!! Been driving past this place every day and never got around to actually go in… until today… place was really clean and full of customers enjoying their pies.. staff was friendly and welcoming.. portions are very decent.. pies were piping hot and full of meat, mash was very smooth and creamy.. oh and the liqueur was delish! We also tried a syrup sponge with custard which came out piping hot too! Forget the pies you have in your pubs or restaurants and instead pay this beautiful place a visit! We will definitely be back for more! Thanks Brook!

5:Excellent and traditional pie and mash. It was a very busy lunchtime but the staff whizzed quickly through the Qs so no long wait. Best pie and mash around would highly recommend

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