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1 : Great choice of produce. Ethiopian tapas. Fresh meat and fish. Great prices.

2 : Brixton has been unfairly labelled in the past but visited today and what a lovely diverse vibrant place. Really enjoyed walking around soaking up the irie culture and seeing it’s population. The worry for these areas is that they are historically important in regards to how the British Afro Caribbean community adapted and assimilated but seem to be going through the London gentrification process

3 : This was an amazing experience of culture and shopping. Very different from Piccadilly Square, Leicester or even Trafalgar square. Its like one huge flea market and hustle. Will not liked by everyone, but an interesting experience nonetheless. Wear jeans and t-shirt and let your hair down for this one.

4 : Just had a quick look around with my daughter got a few funny looks. Great 🌊 🦭 food stalls

5 : It’s an experience that you’d never forget. As you exit the underground station you make a left turn….from there you will encounter stalls, guys just with a table on the side selling accessories or scented oils, live preachings from Christians and Muslims, individuals handing out fliers to invite you to something. You get past Iceland and then take another left and you walk into what seems like an entire country all together. African pattern cloth gently swaying in the wind hanging from racks outside tents, afro/caribbean music coming from speakers in a nearby shop making you wanna dance in tune, pots and pans on offer, bags, shoes, plated jewellery all for the “fake it till you make it” look. On this street which is about 300 feet long you will everything from household items, clothing, hairdressers and barbers to fresh vegetables, meat and fish and bakery. The street then branches off into other streets where you can find restaurants with a variety of cuisines from all ethnicities and indoor markets BUT the vibe is wholesome. So yes, Brixton has a bad rep with all the violence and all that which is mostly attributed to young men but in the market you will find that violence appears non existent…everyone is cheerful, welcoming no one haggles you to the point where you feel disgusted…no! Every stall takes you back home (african/caribbean), it’s nostalgic. Nothing else compares to this in the UK! At least, nothing I’ve seen. Mark your calendar, go visit Brixton market!!!

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