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1 : Bilal the main hairdresser can never be bothered to cut my hair properly, all i want is a simple trim with slightly shorter sides and back. He cuts my hair reluctantly and with a grudge and I have to always tell him twice to cut my sides and back shorter, which really annoys him. Im one of the few people left in mitcham prepared to give a good tip for good service. Unpleasant fellow with a morose attitude and a bad quality hairdressing experience.

2 : Cutting hair very nicely , so friendly to kids.

3 : They butchered me a haircut, and the 6£ low price has nothing to do with it, it’s the bad attitude of people who don’t respect the job. All I needed is shorter hair, they couldn’t even get that straight and at the length I indicated. Never going there again

4 : Perfect Hair Cuts, Fast & Friendly People, and also Very Cheap Prices. Well Recommended. Will Score Them 10/10

5 : The barber did an amazing job giving my new born baby boy a clean head shave.

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