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  1. Haircut more like hair hake wont be back haircut is bloody awful and thats me putting it nicely 😲 would not recommend this place
  2. Quite disgusted with Bella Mani! I called regarding a voucher received at Christmas for my daughter and was told it wasn’t valid, even though hairdressers where closed for months due to covid! they said they put a Facebook message that they …
  3. My brown hair was long with grey streaks through and felt as if I was 64 not 44, so I said to Amanda just go ahead and do as you wish as I wanted to be a funky mum!!! Very happy with results.
  4. Over a month of healing and discomfort along with a trip to the doctors to sort out my poorly waxed intimate area. This was due to hair being stretched and snapped as opposed to being removed. Also got my eyebrows waxed and the girl managed …
  5. wasn’t too happy that the girl rushed me and felt like she was wanting rid of me as soon as possible! didn’t cut my hair the way i wanted it and had to go home and redo it! the girls attitude was nice enough but was not the nicest atmosphere.

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