Antrim Turkish barber

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1: Pool table for kids..when waiting.. Staff are good crack…

2: Excellent!!! A+ 5* very good value for money , top quality job , friendly barbers .

3: Amazing staff 1 child is ASD and wouldn’t let the guy finish his hair cut and he wasn’t gonna charge us but we wouldn’t aloud it and paid fully !!! Amazing treatment and plenty of time given to my children

4: Used this place a few times and was always happy. Recently I had to go home and shave the whole lot off. BTW have to point out this was not done by any of the local guys. No wonder he didn’t show me the back. £15. Left long streaks of hair hanging down the back so I couldn’t see it. Hope you fall on your scissors. Funny man.

5: Excellent business attention to detail and most importantly a good cut.

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