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1:Absolutely disgusting, what a let down I asked for chicken donner as it looked very tempting, as the chef was preparing my food he bent down and picked up some old doner from the fridge behind the counter, I realised I had not seen him cut any donner but didn’t think much of it, after taking one bite of it me and my friend both nearly vomited, the vile smell of old gone off chicken meat, they tried to.cover it up by adding extra spice but the meat was unbearable to even sit next to. We did not even finish the mix grill after that which was over greasy, chips weren’t too bad,

2:Extremely disappointed! Lack of staff and chef mourning about owners not arranging enough staff. I order food for takeaway, waited for 15 minutes and asked how long it will take, the chef simply replied I can’t tell time, it will take very long. I simply cancelled my order and found another much better option down the road. It is a shame that the customer services are very poor and owners do not invest in quality!

3:Did not feel clean, although better decor then some other similar restaurants, but the food tasted quite tangy – not sure if it was almost going off.

4:Green Street branch I asked for a desi tea which it’s on the menu and the restaurant said there was too busy. when there really wasn’t. Then I ask why are you busy? the answer is because of customers. Can I ask what am I. The always have attitude problem and they’re very lazy. I don’t think I’ll go there again

5:As always the food is very nice, the staff is very nice and friendly. Especially the grilled food is excellent. The dining area is not so big, but you find seats almost always. Overall I have a good time every time I go here.


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